STUDIO B / The Exquisite Corpse

Studio B - Part One

For the first part of the Masters of Architecture Studio B (Melbourne School of Design) we were tasked with designing a commercial tower using the Exquisite Corpse method. This method involved building on designs handed to us by other members in the group. The tasks we separated into Structure, Ground Floor, Typical Floor and Façade. So the tower structure I designed would be passed onto another team member then I would design the ground floor around another team member’s structural design, and so on. For the Façade design we then had to create a coherent design for the semi-completed tower and were able to revisit any of the tasks as we saw fit. The Façade I designed responded to the nature of the task itself where the electronic files passed around the group with increasing levels of errors due to each person’s differing level of technical competency. Hence the “Glitch” façade.
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