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Slides from final presentation of M.Arch Studio A

The following are slides from my final presentation for Studio A - Masters of Architecture, Melbourne School of Design
The studio was delivered for students who don't have an explicit background in architecture. The studio introduced architectural design by exploring archi-tectonic themes in a series of three explorations through the lens of a community centre. Programmatic and site requirments were introduced slowly over the semester so that the designs would increase in sophistication as new techniques were learnt and applied.
Experiments with Surface
Experiments with Mass
An early architectural experiment: The combination of surface and mass
Our first introduction to the idea of the community centre came late in the exploratory phase for the first design.
A rough and diagrammatic attempt at realising a community centre that is both guided by, and speaks of surface and mass. This completed the first of three architectural explorations undertaken in the studio.
Box space as the organisation of space in realtion to the human body; up, down, left, right, direction, extrusion...
Experiments with point, line and plane.
During this second exploration a site was selected to ground the community centre.
Combining box space and point, line, plane to create a situated community centre.
Whereas only physical models could be used to commuicate the inital exploration, drawings and a model were required to articulate the second.
Perspective of the second community centre design.
The third and final exploration considered the themes of field and frame/infill.
For this exploration the site was analised in more depth and in this case a site image was produced.
Experiments with Frame and Infill.
A series of diagrams demonstrating the process of arriving at a community centre design through the use of frame and infill tectonics in reponse to existing site conditions.
Only imagery could be used to communicate the third and final design.
Perspective of the final community centre.
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